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1.People in the house are having bad dreams.

2.You hear footsteps, taps on the walls or voices.

3. Objects are mysteriously misplaced and sometimes returned.

4. Pets react to something others can't see. A dog might be growling at thin air or its hackles may rise. Pets may refuse to go in a particular room.

5.Electrical appliances turn on or off by themselves. Tap water turns on or off by itself and toilets flush by themselves.

6.Unexplained cold drafts or cold spots can be felt.


1.In mirrors

2.On staircases

3.Peering out of windows.

4.Perched in chairs.

5.In hallways


Twisted Facts

On average, 100 people choke to death on ballpoint pens every year.

More people are killed by donkeys annually than are killed in plane crashes.

In 1994, electromagnetic interference (EMI) from a nearby cellular telephone captivated a power wheelchair at a scenic vista in Colorado, sending the passenger over a cliff.

More people working in advertising died on the job in 1996 than died while working in petroleum refining.

A cockroach will live nine days without its head, before it starves to death.

The electric chair was invented by a dentist.

In the 1990's more than 30 people were axed, hung, burned and mobbed to death in the USA for practicing witchcraft.

The average human eats 8 spiders in their lifetime at night.

Unusual deaths have plagued the cast of the Poltergeist trilogy of films including 12-year-old actress Heather O'Rourke, who died of septic shock. The theory is that the set was cursed by evil.

In 1970, a group of people were arrested at Highgate cemetery for intent to harm...a vampire! The vampire is rumored to still be around today.

Prisoners in a California jail were so spooked by the Ouija board they made that Priests were called in to cast out the demons. The convicts had summoned up spirits, including a woman who told them how she was murdered.

After complaining about the smell in their room, a couple staying in a hotel in the USA discovered the body of a murdered girl under their bed.

If the government has no knowledge of aliens, then why does Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, implemented on July 16, 1969, make it illegal for U.S. citizens to have any contact with extraterrestrials or their vehicles?

February 1865 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon.

Rats multiply so quickly that in 18 months, two rats could have over a million descendants.

Accidental deaths caused by Physicians in per year are 120,000.

Nutmeg is extremely poisonous if injected intravenously.

In 1982, a Chicago women burst into flames for no apparent reason as she walked down the street.

A young girl in America bet her friends she could spend the night in a cemetery. They found her in the morning dead in the arms of a statue.


Much study and research has been done to determine why someone becomes a ghost and the prevailing theory is that when death is sudden and traumatic, it is more likely to result in a haunting. .

Though some ghosts may stay here simply because they want to, most ghosts are caused by one of the following situations:

Murder -- especially those that remain unsolved. Sometimes the ghost will not move on until the murder is solved.

Accidents -- Sudden death from accidents such as car wrecks, drownings, falls and fires. Hauntings are far more prevalent from accidental deaths than those caused naturally.

Suicide -- The pain and torment that a suicide victim feels will often cause them to remain here in ghostly form.

Broken hearts -- Much like suicide, the pain and torment felt by someone who dies while mourning a lost love or a family member may cause them to remain earthbound.

Desecration of a grave -- While these spirits may have initially passed on, they will often return if vandalism, tombstone theft or other desecration of the grave occurs.

Greed -- Sometimes humans carry a preoccupation with land or money which can create hauntings, when the ghost is unable to let go of its earthly possessions.

Lack of a proper burial -- If the spirit believes he or she did not receive what they believe is a proper burial, they may remain.

Do you hear unexplained noises? Whether subtle or loud enough to wake the dead, if you hear the sound of footsteps, knocking, banging, rapping, scratching at the walls or floors, or the sound of some invisible something being dropped, you may be a ghost-host.

Do your doors, cabinets and cupboards seem to have a mind of their own? If you walk back into a room to find the door open when you know darn well that you closed it, or vice versa, you may be a ghost-host.

Does your furniture hop, skip and jump when you're gone? If your chairs, tables and lamps are in a different position when you come back into a room than they were when you went out of it, you may be a ghost-host.

Are you in and out of the light? If your electric lights are on when you know you switched them off, or are off when you know you left the light on, you may be a ghost-host.

Is your electronic equipment self-willed? If your television sets, radios, and computers go off and on, if the volume goes up and down, or if the channel changes with no help from you, you may be a ghost-host.

Do household items disappear, and reappear in the exact place you thought you'd left them in the first place? If something that you always keep in the same spot isn't there, and you search high and low and can't find it, and sometime later it shows up exactly where you thought you'd put it in the first place, you may be a ghost-host.

Are you living in the shadows? If you see unexplained fleeting shapes and shadows out of the corner of your eye (whether the shadows have vaguely human forms or not) you may be a ghost-host.

Do your animals sense something that you can't see? If your dog or cat behaves strangely (dogs barking at something that you can't see, cowering for no apparent reason, refusing to enter a room they're usually comfortable in, or cats appearing to be watching something across the room that you can't see) you may be a ghost-host.

Do you feel like someone is watching you? If you sense someone watching you when you're in a room alone, especially when you're in specific rooms at specific times, you may be a ghost-host.

All of these occurrences are fairly common, and happen all the time to ghost-hosts. Most people just learn to live with it. Sometimes, though, even stranger things can happen, things that made it even more probable that you're a ghost-host.

Do you see it with your own eyes? Finding a door open is one thing; actually seeing it open for no apparent reason is quite another. If you've witnessed the lights going on and off by themselves, the television and radio changing channels without benefit of the remote control, or watched window and door locks change position with no help from you, you can almost bet you're a ghost-host.

Have you experienced the touch? It's one thing to feel as though someone is watching you, but something else altogether when you feel like you're being touched and there's no one in the room but you. If you feel something brushing past you, something touching your hair or feel an invisible hand your shoulder, you can almost bet you're a ghost-host.

Are you hearing things? If you've listened to cries and whispers from unknown sources, muffled voices, your name being said, or music from some unknown source, you can almost bet you're a ghost-host.

Is the heat on? If you experience cold or hot spots in your house for no obvious reason, or the temperature changes with no apparent cause, you can almost bet you're a ghost-host.

Does the nose know? If unexplained smells (especially the distinct fragrance of a perfume you've never used or a foul odor with no discernable source) come and go without any apparent cause, you can almost bet you're a ghost-host.

All of these symptoms of ghost-hosting can be disconcerting, to say the least, but don't really put anyone in danger. Some hauntings, however, are much more serious in nature, and require the help of trained professionals to remove the offending ghost from the premises.

Do objects in your home move or levitate? If you've experienced dinner planes sliding across the table, or pictures flying off the walls, doors slamming shut with great force, or furniture sliding across the floor, you might want to call the ghost-busters.

Have you been physically assaulted? If you've experienced scratches, slaps and hard shoves from an invisible force (it's rare, but it happens!) you might want to call the ghost-busters.

Have you been given a message? If you've experienced unexplained writing on papers or on the walls, or see handprints and/or footprints that don't belong to anyone in the house, you might want to call the ghost-busters.

Are you seeing things? If you've seen an apparition (the physical manifestation of a spirit or entity), be it a human-shaped mist or transparent human forms that disappear quickly, or human forms that look as real and solid as any living person you've ever met but disappear before your very eyes), you might want to call the ghost-busters.

There are logical explanations for a lot that happens in our lives; don't jump to the conclusion that you're a ghost-host without checking out all of the 'rational' reasons things are happening the way they're happening. Make every possible effort to prove to yourself that your house is not haunted before you come to the conclusion that it is. And remember - the vast majority of houses are NOT haunted.